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Company Overview

Our mission is to provide quality professional land surveying services to the Western North Carolina region; to be a reliable partner to our clients; to hold ourselves to a high standard of professionalism and integrity and to be the sort of company that our clients are proud to call “their” surveyors.

Our company is formed around a core of Professional Licensed Surveyors (PLS’s) supported by experienced and knowledgeable field crews, office staff and drafting technicians.  While our surveyors have a broad knowledge of the profession and industry, many have special areas of expertise that are invaluable to our clients. 
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. . . that besides meters and feet, many different units of measure have been used in property descriptions?  Not too many years have passed since distances were measured in chains and links, or in poles.  A pole is 16.5 feet long, while a chain is 66 feet long (4 poles) and contains 100 links. The acre and statutory mile originate from these measures, an acre being 10 square chains while a statutory mile is 80 chains long